Top 5 Best Beat Making Software 2024

Top 5 Best Beat Making Software

February 12, 2024

Beat making software stands as the cornerstone for crafting awesome rhythms and captivating melodies in the dynamic world of music production

Whether you’re looking to get started in music production or already an experienced music producer, the quest for the perfect beat-making software is essential.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to break down the top 5 best beat making software a beginner can choose from.

What Are The Best Beat Making Software

Here are the best beat making software

  1. Ableton Live

Beat Making Software

Ableton live is a powerful beat making software that is designed for both live performances and music production. 

It provides powerful tools for mixing, mastering, recording music as well as big matching & cross fading tools for Dj’s.

Ableton live is a great choice for electronic musicians & musicians that need to focus on live performances.

Hence down, Ableton live has the best live performance and looping capabilities, it has  a wide variety of factory sounds, plugins and samples.

And lastly, Ableton live is really good for sampling with its really good integration with some of the other products they’re sampling like the Ableton Push

Pros of Ableton Live

  • Ableton Live is perfect for live Performances
  • Really good for sampling, nice integration with other plugins

Cons of Ableton Live

  • Some of the sound plugins that comes with the studio suite don’t sound good e.g Itarium


  • Ableton live currently comes in three edition which starts from $99 – $749Get Started with Ableton Live.

2. Logic Pro

Logic Pro Beat Making Software

Logic pro is a beat making software developed by Apple exclusively for Mac.

It’s a super powerful tool that comes with thousands of samples, plugins & Instruments.

Logic pro has an intuitive interface & great looking graphics, it’s also used by producers in all genres of music.

Logic makes recording instruments super-easy and if you want to get into more advanced concepts like auto-routing logic offers tools to do so.

Pros of Logic Pro

  • It has a great selection of sounds, samples & virtual assistants 
  • Logic pro has an amazing GUI and visuals
  • It’s easy to navigate & use
  • It’s relatively in-expensive

Cons of Logic Pro

  • Load time can be really slow for big projects
  • Logic uses a different type plugin called {AU} Audio Unit rather than {VST} Virtual audio technology


You can buy logic pro for $199 which is a great price for all you’ll get with the program

Logic Pro is everything you need to make a hit right in one package.

Get Started with Logic Pro

3. FL Studio

The FL studio beat making software is a powerful music making software app that is available for both MAC & WINDOWS devices.

FL Studio has continued to add and expand, featuring its full data collection which has made them a big player in the beat making game.

It’s perfect for beginning musicians and especially popular for hip-hop producers.

Pros of FL Studio

  • FL studio has really good {GUI] Graphical user interface that is easy to understand
  • It’s intuitive for beginners to use
  • It also comes with great VSTs
  • FL Studio has advanced routing capabilities

Cons of FL Studio

  • FL Studio is not a great option for recording live bands


FL Studio is currently available in 4 versions with pricing going from $99 – $499

I’ll recommend FL studio for producers that are focused on hip-hop

Get Started with FL Studio

4. Reaper

Reaper is a full fledged beat making software where you can record & make the music you want without breaking the bank.

It’s an extremely fast and customisable beat making software but a little bit less intuitive than some of the beat making software on our list.

Reaper hardly takes up more computer power which saves up more space, computer processing and RAM for your plugins.

Reaper is extremely affordable, it comes with a free demo which enables you try before you buy

Reaper is available on MAX, WINDOWS and Linux

Pros of Reaper

  • Reaper comes with the basic effect & plugins you’ll need to get started with music making
  • Reaper is really stable & don’t crash often
  • It’s super fast and does not use a lot of computer power

Cons of Reaper

  • Reaper doesn’t have a super intuitive interface like some of the other beat making softwares
  • It’s doesn’t have much of a sample or effect library like some of the other options on our list


Reaper inexpensive price point makes it a no brainer for people interested in music production, Pricing cost $60 – $225

Reaper has all the tools you need to make hit sounded records. 

Get Started with Reaper

5. GarageBand

Garageband is an amazing beat making software that is only available on MAC.

Garageband is a great choice for musicians that are just starting out with music & dipping their toes into music production.

It’s a music & podcast creation software and best of all it’s completely free.

Pros of GarageBand

  • It has an intuitive layout & design
  • It has an okay amount of sounds and VSTs {Virtual Studio Technology}
  • It’s completely free and easy to use

Cons of GarageBand

  • It has few plugin features
  • It has no access to buzzing & routing options
  • Exporting can be a little bit difficult

Once again Garageband is completely free and easy to use, especially if you’re just starting out.

Get started with GarageBand

In conclusion, selecting the right beat making software is crucial for any aspiring or professional music producer. 

Each software offers unique features and capabilities tailored to different preferences and needs. 

Whether you’re drawn to intuitive interfaces, extensive sound libraries, advanced editing tools, or seamless integration with other software and hardware, there’s a beat making software out there for you.

By exploring the top five options outlined in this article you can empower yourself to unleash your creativity and produce high-quality beats that elevate your music to new heights. 

Remember, the best software is the one that aligns with your artistic vision and workflow, so take your time experimenting and find the perfect fit for your music production journey.

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